Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Perfect (Updated) Eyebrow Tutorial!

After months of chaos, I finally have the time to show you your top, most requested tutorial to get that perfect brow! The following is a pictorial, including each step, and each product used.

I am a believer that EYEBROWS either break or make your face. They shape your face and eyebrows are NOT sisters. I've been searching for the best products out there and finally, I feel like I can stop searching. So start learning and define your look to get the perfect brow!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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The Perfect (Updated) Eyebrow Tutorial!

STEP 1. (Products used: Laura Mercier's Mattifier, MAC Fix Plus, MAC Fluidline Liner in Dipdown, MAC 266 Angle Brush)

On a fresh clean face, apply a very small amount of Laura Mercier's Mattifier to avoid any smudging from the gel liner to your eyebrows. Take your MAC fix plus and 266 brush (any angle brush) and spray the brush with the fix plus to make the pigment richer and the application smoother. Dip your angle brush in the fluidline and make sure the brush is as thin as possible for precision. Line the bottom of your eyebrow, following the natural shape of you eyebrow (for thick eyebrows). If you have thin brows, feel free to create your shape!

STEP 2. (Products used: Sonia Kashuk's Lash Brush)

Everyone is different but I'm not a fan of super dark and heavily shaded eyebrows, therefore I lightly brush out my eyebrow after filling it in, very lightly! Don't worry if there are a couple smudges or if you didn't line up the bottom of your eyebrow perfectly... that's the next step! (Alternative: Instead of filling your eyebrow in with gel as a more dramatic brow, you can also use eyeshadow/brow liner! Which was my go to before discovering gel liner for my eyebrows!) 

STEP 3. (Products used: MAC  195 Concealer Brush, MAC Studio Finish Concealer- I use NC25)

Take your concealer brush and with your favorite concealer, very thinly trace the bottom of your brow and drag the brush downward. Follow the same steps on top of the eyebrows as well but drag the brush upwards.This step makes it the 'PERFECT brow' since your cleaning up your eyebrows of any hair or smudges from filling them in. Doing so will make them appear as if they were freshly waxed. 

STEP 5. (Products used: MAC 217 Blending Brush)

Important last step! Before, I use to use my finger after applying the studio finish concealer to my brows to blend it in, BUT it never really blended the concealer. So, take a blending brush and lightly blend in the concealer so that you won't see any harsh lines. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference!

and there you have it, your perfect (updated) eyebrow tutorial!

Products Used:

(Top left clockwise, to the bottom left) MAC Fluidline Liner in Dipdown (As an alternative Makeup Forever's Aqua Brow is just as the same but more natural and it is waterproof meaning no smudges!) , Laura Mercier's Mattifier, MAC Fix Plus, MAC Studio Finish Concealer- I use NC25.

(Left to Right)  Sonia Kashuk's Lash Brush, MAC 217 Blending Brush, MAC  195 Concealer Brush, and MAC 266 Angle Brush. 

I am in love with the results of using gel liner for my eyebrows, it's another great alternative next to your usual eyeshadow for eyebrows and pencil!


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